EV Savings Calculator

Our EV savings calculator is the easiest way to figure out the difference in operating costs between ICE vehicles and EVs. Calculate your estimated annual fuel and maintenance savings from switching from a gas or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle. See how much you can save per mile and per year by going electric. Prefilled numbers shown are national averages. You can adjust the costs and mpg to get an accurate comparison to your current vehicle.  Charging efficiency is factored in to adjust for energy losses during charging for a more accurate result. EV efficiency for cost per mile calculation is based on average EV kWh use per mile across all available models. Maintenance savings are based on data from a third party consumer survey study and estimates the average savings per year (based on average cost per mile savings multiplied by miles driven). Actual maintenance costs will vary based on driving habits, vehicle age, warranty coverage, and other factors.

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